Friday, November 9, 2007

Tired From Work

I just got back home from work and i came home with a sweet smile from my son and loving wife. It's so nice to come home knowing that someone is expecting you even if you feel like you are so tired from work everything is worth while. I told my wife to get ready because were going to Fry's electronic store though.

Anyways, we just came back from Fry's electronics after purchasing a router and wireless adapter for this computer i got from my mom. i have another computer but most of the time my wife is on that one. as far as i can see right now, that computer is a little faster than this one but i think this one looks nicer. i got home and had to hook up this computer for wireless Internet but i first had to hook up the main computer for a new router so that it could send a signal to the second computer's wireless adapter for Internet. i had no problem with the router but when i went to running the software for the wireless adapter, that's where i ran into a problem. for some reason that i cant explain, the software did not want to load an icon (called a wlan monitor) into the lower right hand corner of the task bar where you would normally see the computer time on your PC monitor. the second time i ran the software, the PC locked up at the point where it was supposed to reboot for the settings to take place and with this newer PC, i did not find a reset button on the PC tower anywhere. unfortunately i had to resort to drastic measures. that meant unplugging the power cord to the PC. i didn't know what would happen when i did that so i just prayed that i wouldn't lose any work. fortunately nothing happened. i ran the software again and after a third time it was able to load a small icon into the lower right corner of the PC screen which then i was able to double click on and change the desired settings of the adapter. it also loaded an additional icon that shows two little computer screens for connection to the Internet. finally after rebooting the PC i was able to get online. i always love working with PCs and installing new hardware. it gives me valuable experience working with the technology that exist in our present day society.

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