Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Unusually warm weather in San Diego

San Diego has recently had some unusually warm weather lately and to confirm that there was a report out by the government today that brought out how unusually warm weather 2013 has been across the globe. There is positive evidence that our planet is heating up and scientist have pointed the finger at green house gases from humans as he main cause. The burning of fossil fuels  like oil and coal have raised green house gas levels causing the long term rise in temperature. Carbon dioxide levels are at their highest point in 800,000 years and are expected to continue to climb unless humans do something to curb the greenhouse gases. And isn't the cold weather trends happening back on the east coast pretty unusual these days? A recent storm that brought heavy snow from Kentucky to New England and leaving bitter cold wind from the arctic behind it. Crazy weather we have. Makes you think how unpredictable our weather can be.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Disappointing loss for the San Diego Chargers

Yesterday my home team was playing the Denver Broncos for the AFC championship. Everyone here in San Diego was really excited because it's been a long time since the Chargers were in the AFC playoffs and most San Diegans were looking for the Chargers to win. Sad to say that the Chargers ended up losing the game 24-17.  I watched the 3rd quarter and they were losing 17-0 so I changed the channel. They played very poorly and it didn't look like the Chargers that I know of. Obviously Chargers fans are not happy and will have to wait another season. I personally didn't want to get my hopes up too high because they seem to do this every year and let us Charger fans down so do you blame me for the way I feel? At work the other day, my co-worker larry and me where discussing about the upcoming playoff game with another coworker who was expecting the chargers to win but Larry and I were doubtful that San Diego could pull off such a win and I guess we were correct on this one. I'm sure a lot of people lost a lot of money on the chargers. How do you feel about the San Diego Chargers losing? 

Friday, November 29, 2013

I want my wife to have these!

My wife drove the car to our friend’s house yesterday afternoon for dinner. The dinner has nothing to do with thanksgiving; it was just a normal get together kind of thing and meeting her mom’s future daughter-in-law. I wish I was there to meet her too but unfortunately I had to work. My wife told me that her mom like the girl and they all couldn’t wait to settle down. My wife and I haven’t attended wedding party yet as couple and it would be nice to witness one soon. Whenever that happens I want my wife to wear pretty dress and look beautiful that day too. I heard her talking about the Dress First website and I was curious of it. I went ahead and take a look at their website and found a lot of beautiful formal dresses that my wife would love to have. They have so many nice dresses that it took me a long time to choose for a possible dress that I could buy for her.

I wanted to surprise her but since I don’t know the size of her clothes I think it’s better if I will just have her order it instead of me. The dresses I pick are the dresses that I know my wife would love to wear. While I was browsing at their website, my little girl saw me and she said that she want some nice dresses too. Well, I am hoping that my daughter will be one of the flower girls in the wedding that way she can have a princess floor length dress just like the ones she saw at the Dress First website. They offer free shipping for prom dresses and wedding dresses too and it will end on December 1st, so hurry and grab the chance to avail their amazing offer.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sea World theme park

Not my photo

This year my family and I want to take the kids to Sea World but we just can't find it in our budget to make it happen. Sea World keeps sending me emails about special offers for me and my family and it looks really tempting but I told my wife we just can't do it and maybe next year we will do it. My son keeps bugging me to take him to Lego land and my daughter wants to go to Sea World. Although I'm not the kind of father to deprive my kids of having fun, when it comes to a decision of eating or having fun at a theme park, I would rather eat. I  think next year after the tax season is over, we're going to be in a much better position to take our kids to Sea World. I can't wait because my wife and I love Sea World too!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Monster Typhoon Haiyan Blast thru Philippines

Photo courtesy of Noaa
It seems like all I ever hear about from the Philippines is bad news. I mean it's like one catastrophe after another. Mindanao just experienced a tragic event with the Rebel group MNLF terrorizing the city of Zamboanga. Now I hear the country is experiencing one of the largest typhoons in the WORLD crashing into the middle of the Philippines affecting some 44 different cities with destruction. You gotta feel for these people and the problems they have been facing. My heart goes out to those families who have been displaced. My wife is watching the latest news reports and weather forecasters say this storm is 300 miles wide and packing winds of 235 mph. This is a monster of a storm. My wife showed me a satellite photo of this storm last night and I could not believe the size of it. It was mind boggling. I always thought about when I retire, I want to live in the Philippines but I have since changed my mind because the consistent violence and natural calamities being experienced throughout the Philippines. And besides, it rains a lot over there. I'm really satisfied or actually spoiled with the weather we experience here in San Diego, CA. I have to pray and I ask my readers to pray for the people of the Philippines as well. We are so fortunate to live here in this country. Whenever I think we have it bad here, I think how much worse it could be.