Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Unusually warm weather in San Diego

San Diego has recently had some unusually warm weather lately and to confirm that there was a report out by the government today that brought out how unusually warm weather 2013 has been across the globe. There is positive evidence that our planet is heating up and scientist have pointed the finger at green house gases from humans as he main cause. The burning of fossil fuels  like oil and coal have raised green house gas levels causing the long term rise in temperature. Carbon dioxide levels are at their highest point in 800,000 years and are expected to continue to climb unless humans do something to curb the greenhouse gases. And isn't the cold weather trends happening back on the east coast pretty unusual these days? A recent storm that brought heavy snow from Kentucky to New England and leaving bitter cold wind from the arctic behind it. Crazy weather we have. Makes you think how unpredictable our weather can be.

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