Thursday, December 13, 2007

MAH Rosie Cheeks

we just got home from daddy's Dr. appointment, its kinda sunny but cold outside. Ethan was having fun because he got out from the house again, run in one place after another good thing i took my camera with me so got a couple of photo shots from him. everyone was laughing at him because he was so bubbly & wanted to be chased even the nurses were laughing at him too. aawww look at those rosie cheeks you got son!
P.S. Please do me a big favor and CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VOTE for my son. I really appreciate it. one more thing you need to register just by clicking "I JUST WANT TO VOTE" so your vote will be counted but its simple and you dont have to take any offers no more!


Mabelle said...

no probs.that's what friends are for :D. i will always vote for ur cute handsome bb.

nwys, thanks for the messages and for dropping by.appreciate it very much.

regards to your family.

Lerlyn said...

Hi! I just voted for your cute son! Good luck!
I like his pinkish cheeks!
He is so adorable! Hope he wins! He deserves it!

Mabelle said...

i'm always voting for ur son.just kinda late yesterday though.

thanks for the concern about my problem w/d account of my friend.thanks for the empathy.appreciated it very much.

nwys, u can always count on my votes everyday until the end of the contest.and oh, thanks for reminding me.good thing, i have the link.