Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Tax Time Once Again

Well, it's that time of the year again where millions of Americans will hire professional tax accountants to crunch out some numbers and figure out if they paid to much tax or not enough. I enjoy this time of the year because i always play it smart and file as a single person on my w-4 form. Everyone knows that uncle SAM just loves to tax the single man since he doesn't have any commitments or responsibilities in the family department so they are usually the least to get a tax break. but it can also be a good thing too! you see, i like to think of it as a small savings account for the end of the year. I used to file my taxes myself and save alittle money but these days, with all the new tax laws, you need to be a rocket scientists just to comprehend it all. besides, i can't afford to make a mistake so i gave up doing my own taxes. i file the 1040 long form. don't ask me what that means. i just know i get more money back. this year i plan to use my return to go to the Philippines with my asawa and my 15 month old son Ethan. His grandmother and grandfather just can't wait to see him. we are so excited to go. We will be going to Mindanao. zamboanga to be exact. All i can think of is relaxation and doing nothing for 3 long weeks. we need a vacation from our son. It will be 2 years since the last time i went to Zamboanga and so all the more reason my wife and i cant wait to go. We have alot of things we Will do with or tax return and plan to really enjoy or vacation. watch out PI. Here we come!

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