Friday, February 29, 2008

I signed up for smorty

I've been blogging now for 3-4 months now and ever since i've been blogging i've been blessed with the opportunity to make some extra cash in all the spare time i have while i'm not working my full time job. My wife told me to check out if i was serious about the blogging thing and about blog for money to make extra cash in my spare time. So i did and i've hav'nt looked back since then. I love to write post about my days with my family and about the day in general and in turn get paid to blog. Smorty connects advertisers with bloggers and in turn bloggers get paid to post the advertisers products or services on their blog. If you have extra time, why not do what i did, get paid for blogging your unique ideas. You'll have fun doing it too. Blog advertising is simple and besides, can you think of a better way to earn money while sitting at home all day in front of the t.v.?

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

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