Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Big Day Has Arrived

Tommorrow is sunday and you know i've been waiting for this day to come now for over a year. You may ask what is so important about sunday march 2, 2008? Well, my wife and i had planned on this day as the begining of our 3 week vacation. But this is not just any ordinary vacation. Nope. We are taking a trip to the philippines. Mindanao to be exact. This will be my second time going there. We are going back to the hometown of where i met my wife and we will see her family as well. Today was my last day of work and i was quite relieved when 2:30pm arrived and i punched the time clock for the last time for 3 weeks. I felt relief come over me. We are just so excited to go back to see her family and i'm sure it's gonna be quite emotional for my wife. She really needs a rest and to be able to see her family once again. I'm sure she will be happy to see all the surroundings where she grew up. I can Just imagine and I'm so happy for her. Well, just want to take this time to say goodbye to all the bloggers out there and to ask them to wish us all a good time. Thanks to all my friends.

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