Monday, March 31, 2008

Cell Phone Dilema

Went to the cell phone store today to check out the status on my wife's cell phone and was expecting better news than what they had for me. You see while we were on vacation in the Philippines, we happened to go out to eat one day for lunch. My son happened to be sitting in my lap. Our cell phone was sitting in front of me on the table. I thought nothing of it. That is until i looked down at my son to see him dunking my wife's cell phone into a glass of coca cola! I couldn't believe what just had happened. We are terrible at keeping our cell phones in good working order. That phone was maybe 1 year old and i spent good money on that phone. It wasn't cheap lets put it that way. Well, we got home from our vacation and the phone wasn't working because the home charger stopped working so i went to the phone store and bought a new one. After having the battery charged, the phone worked fine, surprisingly for being slam dunked into a glass of cola. A few days went by then it started acting up and i was able to fix it. The next day i came home from work and found out that it was giving us problems again so i took it to the shop to see if it could be fixed. They told me today it had terminal cancer and it needed a complete by-pass to bring it back to life but its not cost effective since we can buy a new one for the price of repairing that one. Oh well, another one bites the dust.

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