Sunday, March 16, 2008

Philippine Vacation Update

Well, here it is week 2 now. Today is march 17, 2008 and we're into the last week of our 3 week dream vacation in Zamboanga, Philippines and my wife and i are getting the butterfly's in our stomach knowing that we don't have much time left before this fun ride ends and we have to go back to the real world again. We're feeling so sad when we think about it because we're really enjoying our stay here just being able to relax and not have to worry about our son because he's being watched by our family and he just cant get that kind of attention back home because i being the man of the house have to work full time while Jerla stays at home to be a housewife and do her part time work making blog. We're already planning our next vacation in 2010 but we plan on surprising them this time and I'm hoping i can take off for a month but we'll just have to wait and see what happens. I've recorded some our most precious quality time with our loved one's on our Sony camcorder for playback on DVD when we get home so we can look back and cherish those special moments that mean so much to us. We're already starting to miss this place as we we're at KFC yesterday which is right by the airport and we were enjoying our food when a Philippine airlines 737 flew by us to land and that just reminded us of how close time is getting for us to say our goodbyes to our loved ones. I'm going to end this here coz I'm starting to get emotional now and i need to enjoy whats left of this dream vacation. I'll keep you posted as the day draws near. Until then, see ya later from Zamboanga, Philippines.

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