Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Big Bear Vacation Coming Up

It has been 2 weeks now being home in San Diego and now our next plan is to go to San Bernardino, Big Bear Mountain resort in 3 more months. We've never been there before so we're really excited on going. Most likely we're just going to tour the area and my wife wanted to see a snow. The mountain top elevation is 8,805 feet high and has 4 peaks. We've heard from other people who've been there that it's very beautiful up there. Big Bear Mountain Resorts is Snow Summit and Bear Mountain – The #1 mountain resort in Southern California. So you might wanna visit there and bring your ski. Enjoy the best views in Big Bear! Riding the Snow Summit Scenic Sky Chair to our 8,200' summit is a must do activity for the whole family. We got two nights free accommodation at the big bear resort and a $50 coupon for a red lobster restaurant that's why we look forward to go there, it been a great year to us and its gonna get better because we're also planning to go to Las Vegas for a few days but that's for another time so see you there.

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