Friday, April 4, 2008

Cell Phones

As some of you may have read my previous blog about our cell phone dilemma, we are currently without any phone communication to the outside world except my cell phone which is prepaid. I usually buy $10 dollars of phone time at one time which gives me about 50 minutes worth of service to anywhere in the united states or international but I've found out that this gets rather expensive so i don't always use my cell phone to Usually what I've been doing most is text messaging people since its cheaper but since my wife's phone got terminal cancer from a quick dunk into a glass of soda pop in the Philippines by our one and only son Ethan, we've been out of touch with the rest of the world and i have to admit, i don't like it...So, after getting off work today i went to walmart and checked out to see if i could get a new cell phone for my wife without having to pay a deposit since my credit is not the best. My wife wants that new cell phone by LG model # vx9900. Geez! My wife has really good taste as i checked out this phone and its got all the bells and whistles! Its got a full qwerty keyboard and camera, speaker phone and so so much more i think I'll have to use the owners manual just to figure out how to answer a phone call. Anyways, i had them run a credit check and to my surprise, i didn't have to put down any deposit at all. Wow! I was so happy. Anyways, i told my wife we will go get it next week. I cant wait to get back in touch with the rest of the world again. Goodbye Cricket, Hello Verizon Wireless.......Chow friends..!!!!!!

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