Monday, April 14, 2008

Cool Custom Blankets & Pillows

If you are looking for some unique gift something that will last a life time why don't you give a photo collage blankets to your love ones or a special relatives. They comes in a wide variety of styles, pattern and colors. You cant find this unique blankets any where else but only at Wouldn't your love ones or relatives wants something personal that they can keep for a long time such as blanket with a copy of family photo, bedding, photo pillow or picture of you favorite pet on their bed? This is the coolest personalized gifts that you can share to you family and this is a lasting memory for keepsake. They shipped worldwide for only $49.95 which varies depending on destination. And when you order you will be notified through an email. And also this photo pillow, blankets or what ever custom blankets you ordered they recommend it to be dried clean to preserve the photo.

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jimmy jackson said...

Neck pillows is placed on couches and can have a design matching the throw pillows. Silk thread tassels that are of the same color as the velvet can be used to enhance throw pillows and look decorative.