Tuesday, April 1, 2008

High Gasoline Prices

If you live in San Diego county or anywhere for that matter there's no doubt that you are aware of the raising gasoline prices. The price of gas has gotten so high that many of us have change our daily driving habits and has affected our daily lives. I think the prices of gas has gotten so out of control that someone needs to do something about this high prices because it is affecting everyone in one way or another. If this prices will continue to rise like they have been then people gonna stop driving. We just back from the Philippines although our tickets were relatively cheap i hate to find out what it will cost in the year 2010. People are getting rid of large SUV and tracks and buying small economy cars to save money on energy cost. I cant believe that the price of gas has continue to rise and rise and our government has done nothing to stop this out of control rising cost. Someone should be held accountable for this energy problems.

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