Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wholesaler of Tiles and Glass Products

When we went to visit my cousin's house while we where in the Philippines i was so stunned by looking at their house because it was so beautiful, it's got two stories and the floors where made up of Cristezza Glass Tiles which is really nice, their front yard was so cool and they also have a bonsai fruit tree. I asked him how much it cost him to build the house and he said that he spend 4.5M for the house fully furnished. Wow that's a lot of money huh? He's the only son and he's married already but they don't have kids yet and his parents are living with them too. He's got his own music room which is so neat. The reason why we went to their house is because we were invited for lunch and they want us to see their house as well. They just moved in there though. I have my dream house too and i want something like that in the future.

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