Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pr that was, is no longer

About 2 weeks ago i made a post about this blogs pr rank dropping from a pr 4 to a pr 2. Many of you responded and replied that i was fortunate that i didn't lose all my pr ranking. Yes, i guess i can agree with most of you that i did feel fortunate at the time. Fast forward 2 weeks till now and today i sit here wondering what the heck happened in the last month? Google has stripped me bare of the last bit of dignity i did have. I don't know anymore. Many people say that i had too many paid post. So what i did was to add more non-paid post and visit many of the bloggers out there to increase my traffic and it did help. But to my surprise, i found out that it also dropped my pr ranking to its lowest level yet. A big fat ZERO for my blog. So now I'm sitting here pondering and clueless and i have to admit, i don't think I'll ever figure out why they dropped my blog. Why did i ever reach a pr 4 ranking only to have it drop to zero in a matter of 1 month? What was so special about my blog? To me i think this pr thing is nothing more than a scam. Forget about the mathematical formula that Google uses to figure out ones blog pr ranking because to me, I'm not buying it. I don't want to know anything about pr ranking anymore. More power to all those blogs with pr ranking!.

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