Friday, May 2, 2008

Spiritual Day At Assembly

Today we went to special assembly in Escondido to meet with others in our congregation to participate in a day filled with spiritual food for our soul. It was so encouraging to hear a brother from the governing body that came all the way from bethel in new york to talk and feed us with warm spiritual food from the holy bible. We heard many scriptures read from the new testament and it was comforting and give us hope for the day when our god will come and take away all the badness from this world and replace it with a new world where we wont have to suffer death anymore, nor have pain, food shortages, nor pestilences, the former things will have passed away. We can hardly wait for our district convention to come in July. It will be a 3 day treat of more spiritual food but it comes with a special drama play on the last day July 20.

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