Monday, May 5, 2008

Stylish Web Designs

Ever since I've been blogging I've learned so much from the blogging community. It's really become the latest thing in Internet these days. One person that has really helped me and stuck with me thru thick and thin is my wife jerlalou. Thanks honie, i couldn't have done this without you. I've really learned so much from my wife about design blog of my own and now i have two blogs that i regularly maintain but what I'm looking to do later on is buy a domain name so i can have more freedom and control of my blog and what i can put on my blog. I heard that its better if you have your own domain name. Getting your own domain name user accounts is very easy to do. There are many websites these days that offer cheap domain registration and flexibility. finding one couldn't be easier. Another thing that i have learned a lot about since doing this blogger thing is antivirus, spam and the spyware community. I have watched a lot of TV programs about protecting PCs from hackers and officials say its getting worse and worse every year as more people try to wreak havoc on innocent people like you and me. Its now more important than ever before to have a good virus software program, spam blocker software program, and ad aware software program to keep your computer in top running condition.

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