Friday, July 4, 2008

Oil Beyond 150 Dollars a Barrel?

Wow! Can you just imagine that the price for a barrel of oil is about to hit $150 dollars? Yep, you heard it true and it has shocked and disturbed consumers and world leaders. But the stark reality is prices are likely to rise higher still. We drive a ford focus so our gas bill is not that bad right now but summer is here and as gas prices continue to rise my wife and i are wondering what will we have to do to continue to afford these gas prices. There's no question about it that we have to work to have money. What will the the united states do to curb these crazy gas prices? Already prices are undoubtedly causing pain as protests at rising costs have broken out across the world. Consumers, particularly in the world's biggest energy burner the United States, have begun to cut back on fuel use, but there is no ready substitute when it comes to transportation. You have to go to work, no matter what the price is. The longer it stays at this level or the higher it goes, the more pain it is going to cause in lots of different industries," said Colin Morton at Rensburg Fund Management. I'm sure many people will be changing their driving habits this summer and staying home a lot more often. How has these gas prices effected your transportation habits? Let me hear from you whether good or bad experiences..

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