Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today, i took my wife and son to the san diego convention center for the famous APTA expo. For those bloggers who dont know what this is its a trade show for people who are in the business of transportation. "American Public Transportation Association" I am a mechanic by trade and i am employed by Veolia transportation here in Chula Vista, CA. I've been working for veolia for almost 6 years now and i enjoy my work. I get paid pretty good money. Well, lets just say it pays the bills. I repair those red white and blue buses you see driving around town all the time. Its hard work but i like what i do. Anyways, today was the first time I've been to an expo like this. They displayed all kinds of different systems that are found on buses today like brake systems, climate control systems, destination sign systems, cooling systems, engines, transmissions, differentials, ect. Many manufacturers were on hand to display their products to the transportation industry. They also like to give away free things like pens, sticky pads, tote bags, small things like that. We had a great time. Cant wait to see the auto show. That's all i have for now.

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