Thursday, October 16, 2008

We Miss Our Filipino Family

I just got a tag board message the other day from family relatives in the Philippines saying they miss us and i was so touched. I often tell my wife how much i miss our family in the Philippines and want to return soon but we have to realize that we cant go back to the Philippines until 2010. That's when I'll have some vacation time available and then we can go around February or march. We really miss our family in PI so much and with my wife's sister being pregnant all the more reason we wish we could be there to see her new baby. Her name is bing and this will be her first baby. We're so excited for her. We just have so much fun when we are in the Philippines we cant wait to return because this time it will be bigger and better than the last time. And hopefully we will have an addition to our family here when we return.

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