Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gas prices going down, down, down

I drove to work this morning taking my usual route on main street in chula vista passing the two gas stations i always pass and couldn't help but notice the price of self-serve unleaded gasoline. It just keeps going down, and down, and down, with no bottom in sight. I just think this is a big break for consumers because I'm sure most of us got tired of paying ridiculously high prices for gasoline some previous months ago. When i went by the arco gas station on fourth and main street i noticed unleaded gas was at $2.03 a gallon. But what really caught my attention was when i drove home i looked at the price again and found that it had went $1.97 a gallon. WOW! What a break for us consumers! I told my wife and she told me we should get a five gallon container and go fill it up with gas to save it for when the price goes back up. Hehehehe. Silly wife. I'm sure when we finally use it, the quality may not be good anymore. Just enjoy the low prices now while we have temporary relief. I sure would like to know what a round trip ticket to the Philippines would be now that gas prices are low.

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