Sunday, November 23, 2008

Growing and growing

My son is really growing up and i find him learning new words almost every day. Today when i came home from work my wife told me that she teach our son a new word. She teach him how to say "please" but its funny because it sound like he's saying "peas". Hahahaha. But that's ok. He will eventually learn how to pronounce it. We were listening to our congregation meeting on the phone and my son was sitting on his tricycle and i thought he know how to pedal because his feet where on the pedals so i told him, "pedal son, push on the pedals" but i think it was too much for him so he just put his feet on the floor and walk the tricycle around the living room floor. I guess he's still not quite ready. Oh well. I cant wait to seem him pedal around one day. I'm proud of our little Ethan. Thanks honie for giving us beautiful boy!

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