Thursday, January 1, 2009

Broken computer after clean job

I recently purchased a new desktop computer for our home and am pretty happy with my purchase. It runs really well. Today i had the day off so i decided to clean our old desktop before i send it off to my wife's sister in the Philippines. This old computer i bought brand new about 7 years so it's collected a little dust since then. I took the covers off and used the house vacuum cleaner to remove all the cobwebs from inside the cooling fans and removed the video card so i could clean that as well. I just finished formatting and installing Windows XP Home edition on the hard drive and updated to the latest version. After putting everything back together i re-booted the computer but the monitor did not detect the video card. So i pulled out the video card and re-inserted it and again had the same problem. I cant believe this is happening to me right now! I determined that the video card must of stopped working so now i have to go out and buy a new video card before i can get rid of it. Urghhhh! I just wanted to give my wife's sister a good computer that was clean and look what happens. Sometimes life just doesn't give you a break.

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Karlana said...

Just another sign to procrastinate!

So just kidding!

Well, hope it all works out.

Have a great 2009, and look forward to visiting more!