Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On the job training as a "father"

I'm the proud father of a 2 year old son and a beautiful wife and i really cant ask for more but since this is my first child, it has been quite a learning lesson for me. My son is really growing up fast and he's getting big. He's daddy's little hero but he's also developing an attitude of his own and that worry's me. Now, whenever he doesn't get his way he will fall on the floor and start kicking his legs and crying. Today when i came home from work he was really irritable and he keeps saying "choo choo" and pointing to our next door neighbor so i take him over to the neighbors house to play for a little while. When i come back later to pick him up, he has a big toy car in his hands but i tell him to put it down because he has his own toy cars at home but he doesn't want to give it to me so i had to grab it from him and he got mad at me and started to cry and so i picked him up and brought him home and he was kicking and crying so hard and he wouldn't stop. He cant be taking the neighbors toys all the time and bringing them home. I hate to tell him he cant take the toy home but it doesn't belong to him and he needs to learn. I really wish that there was a book i could buy that teaches me how to be a father. I would pay good money for that book. This parenting job looked easy when i was a single man but now that I'm in the middle of this thing, its not as easy as it looks.

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