Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our son is growing

Our son Ethan is really growing up so fast and now he's learning all kinds of new words and can talk to us much better now and understands many things we tell him to do. I really love our son so much. He's our first child but we have one more coming sometime around September. We're praying for a baby girl but if not, that's ok. A co-worker told me today that girls are high maintenance and it's better to have a boy. He told me that you have to worry about your daughter getting raped and things like that. Geezz! I never thought about this until he mentioned it to me. I guess he's right with a crazy world that we live in. It's so sad we have to worry about our children these days. There's lots of crazy and unstable people in this world and unfortunately we have to keep a close eye on our precious children so nobody hurts them. Children are our future and we need to give them as much attention as possible so they can learn and grow. That's all for now.

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