Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pool, Pool, Pool!

Those are the words i came home to this morning from my 2 yr old son after a visit to my thyroid doctor. Talk about being persistent! I knew he was going to say that to me because every time i have a day off, he wants to go swimming in his little pool. It's kinda cool because the neighbors smile when they walk by the front yard and they see a little boy splashing water and jumping up and down and they get a little entertainment too. Can you remember when you where a little boy/girl and your mother or father filled up the portable pool for you so you could go swimming? Can you remember having such a great time as a child? It sure brings back memories for me.


Stacie said...

My daughter loves swimming in her pool too! What a cute picture.

Holiday With Mama said...

Children always love swimming. My kids also love it so much.

Holiday With Mama