Monday, October 19, 2009

First impressions last a lifetime

I'm so lucky to have my job at the bus company. I had to fill out a resume before i got this job but i consider myself very fortunate since i had much experience in my trade and grooming wasn't my specialty. I'm a certified mechanic. Unfortunately i cant say the same for other people in looking for a job these days. Its very tough to get a job these days because of the failing financial economy but there are ways to improve your chances of nailing that perfect job and I'm not talking about your resume. I'm talking about your appearance when you go for your job interview. Hows this for facts: Did you know that a recent survey of 500 HR professionals commissioned by Gillette(R) [PG] and conducted by Harris Interactive(R) found that 84% of HR professionals agree a well groomed employee will climb the corporate ladder faster than one who is not. And first impressions not only last a lifetime but 90 % of HR professionals put more importance on a well groomed person than a firm handshake. With that in mind you would probably want to know how to improve your chances of successfully obtaining that important job position. Then you need to seek the advice of career expert, Mark Jeffries and GQ style correspondent, Brett Fahlgren. Gillette has sought their professional services to form the Gillette Career Advantage to help men get ahead in the job they have or to obtain new employment. Gillette has launched the Gillette Career Advantage on where men can find the tools and information they need to successfully rise above the competition in today's competitive job market. You can find great expert advice, take the Gillette Career Quiz, get tips on grooming like proper shaving techniques, clothing tips, attitude, body language and handshakes,look at the surveys, check out the Hire Guide to see what other HR professionals really think. The Gillette Resource Center was a great help for me because i thought i knew all there was to know about the proper way to shave but i was wrong and learned some valuable tips in shaving properly. I will use the website to help me improve my chances to move up the corporate ladder.


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