Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Online business listing

The other day when i was at work my supervisor had to send me to a local industrial supplier to pick up some batteries, lamps and safety supplies for our shop. Many company's rely on this local wholesale distributor to maintain and operate their company. This company is a very large supplier and is listed in the universalbusinesslisting.

I've been looking for a special electrical connector to make a diagnostic cable to hook up between a laptop computer and our new buses. The factory cable is expensive and i can't afford it. The man at our local parts supplier company didn't have it but referred me to a company in national city who does have it. I used the universalbusinesslisting to see if i could find them online but they're not online so i need to drive to the company's national city location to get the parts.

This universalbusinesslisting sure saved me a lot of time by helping me identify the company's location and whether i could order online or pick the parts up from another vendor. I see how important it is for any business to make sure they are accurately listed for online or mobile search

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