Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My "chicken curry"

Today i came home from work and was anxious to cook for my wife and kids. I've been wanting to cook the filipino chicken curry that my wife loves so much. I used a recipe online from a filipino website. It came out excellant and my wife really loved it so much but it had one problem that i had the last time i made it which was i didn't cut up enough chicken. There ended up to be more vegetables than chicken. Urggggh. I promised my wife the next time i make it, i will cut up enough chicken so there's an even amount of both. So how does it look? I hope it looks as good in the picture as it was when i ate it for lunch.

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Toni Sellaro said...

That looks yummy! I just wonder why you're the one cooking and not wifey. Two thumbs up for you though.:-)