Thursday, January 14, 2010

Layoffs at my work, economy not getting better.

I came into work the other day and it was just like any other day until one of my coworkers pulled me to the side. My coworker said to me "hey mike, have you heard the news lately" ? I said "what news" ? My coworker told me that there will be layoffs to some mechanics. I couldn't believe what i was hearing. I work for veolia transportation in chula vista but I've never heard of a layoff since I've been there. Later on in the day my coworker came back up to me saying that 2 guys on the grave yard shift where called into the maintenance directors office. I asked him why? He said 2 guys are getting laid off right now and they will layoff more people. Oh my! I hope I'm not one of them. Supposedly he said 2 "B" mechanics, 1 "A" mechanic and 1 supervisor will be cut from the shop as well. I can't believe all the talk about the economy getting better that i hear on the news and in the newspapers. I don't think it will get better for a long time.

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