Sunday, January 3, 2010

My daily adventure

Well, its time to update my blog again. Today i had the day off and i decided to do a kind of quick spring cleaning thing in the apartment. First, i woke up and threw all my bed blankets in the washer then made breakfast for my family. As i was making breakfast i took advantage of the time and washed all the dishes, then washed the kitchen floor. Afterwards, i removed all the pictures from our entertainment center so i could remove the stereo that's years old and don't work anymore. After that i cleaned out the laundry closet and made some extra room, then i cleaned out our book cabinet of old bills and papers that we don't need anymore. By that time it was about 2pm which meant i couldn't put off my next task any longer than i already had. Cleaning my car inside and out. I managed to wash the carpets, door panels, and vacuum the interior, and clean the windows, then wash the exterior of the car. Its been a long day and I'm tired. We just got home from walmart and it's 10pm and i still have to do another task before i can hit the sack. I'm so tired right now!

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