Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fresh garden plants for the home or office

I can tell that spring time is almost here because while driving on the freeway the other day my wife was pointing out to me that there's all kinds of fresh colorful flowers and plants blooming on the sides of the roads, a positive sign that springtime isn't far away. We seen a lot of yellow marigolds along side the freeway yesterday and some purple flowers though i'm not sure what kind they are. My wife wants to start a garden this year so she's mentioned to me that she needs money to buy the seeds online. She really likes all kinds of plants and flowers. I can remember when i first met her i used to always send her some kind of plant or flowers. She couldn't get enough of fresh flowers. What woman wouldn't want someone to deliver fresh green plants or flowers to brighten up their day or home? I bought a Bonsai plant from a local market one time and took it home but those plant's are so hard to maintain, my Bonsai plant died about a month later. I really like the fragrant Hyacinth Garden flowers because they give off a beautiful fragrance that fills any home with freshness. I look forward to seeing my wife's garden and her assorted plants she will grow.

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