Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daddy's proud of his son ethan

Today my son reached a new milestone in his development. He finally learned how to poop in his potty after months of trying to teach him. When we put him to bed we still have to use diapers but at least in the day time he will only use his new underwear and not have to wear diapers. My wife and I are so happy because not only is he learning but we wont have to spend so much on diapers for our son. I remember when we tried to teach our so to poo poo on the potty and we would leave him on the potty for half an hour thinking he would finally poop but he didn't until the moment we took him off and put a fresh diaper on him, then he would poop in his diaper. Urghhhh!!! We would be so frustrated and at a loss as to how to teach him but now he's finally learning. We love our son Ethan and are very proud of his accomplishments.

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