Friday, May 21, 2010

My sons reward for being good boy

Yesterday my wife told my son that she was going to take him to the toy store and buy him a toy because he has been so good at potty training. So we took him to the best toy store in town which is toys-r-us. As soon as we arrived at the front of the store my son was clapping his hands and jumping up and down screaming. But when we went inside, he was so mesmerized at the size of the store and wall to wall toys where ever you look. We spent about an hour just walking up and down the rows and rows of toys. It must have been very difficult for my son to finally decide on what toy to get since we were showing him all kinds of different toys but he finally decided on the 18 wheeler truck as his favorite. We were supposed to get him a toy camera so he can take pictures but those plans fell thru. Daddy is so proud of you son. You earned this toy!

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