Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our favorite local place to eat out!

Guest post of the week by Robby Sykes

I'm no gourmet cook by any means of the word so it shouldn't surprise you that we eat out often. When we get tired of all of those fantastic restaurant chains and choose to eat at a local eatery, there's only one place we go. Uncle Sam's Gourmet Subs!

I set my home alarm devices leaving the house to go to dinner. It has just become a habit for my family. We always make sure to grab the menu before we leave out, though.

Uncle Sam's is the best sub shop in the area if you ask me. And their subs are gourmet. They have almost any type of sub sandwich you can think of. They even serve vegetarian subs. I always get their Ultra Mushroom Cheesesteak. My daughter says they have the best Ham and Cheese subs. I happen to agree with her! They also serve soft drinks and fries. Here's a tip: If you eat inside, the fries are free!

The atmosphere is typical of a college town. They have some cool rock music in the background. The waitress and cooks are all college students. The eat in part of the store is small but always packed. They are always busy! In spite of all of the craziness in the place, everyone is very friendly.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area anytime soon, I highly recommend trying out Uncle Sam's. We crave it now because they are so good!

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