Friday, August 13, 2010

School starts soon

School has almost begun for many kids and I'm sure many parents are stocking up on school supplies for their children. This year we enrolled our son into preschool and joined the many parents out shopping for school supplies for their children. My son Ethan can't wait to start school. We bought him a back pack because he kept bothering us about wanting a back pack. We bought all kinds of supplies for his back pack. Now its just a waiting game until the big day which will be next Tuesday. I'm sure my son won't want to come home because he will be having too much fun. Well, he will learn soon enough that's it's not all fun and games. My wife and I can't believe our little boy is growing up and we will miss not seeing him in the morning.

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jan said...

my son will be going to school next year..I am not excited..I will surely missed him:(