Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good news about my daughters hospital bills

We had to take our daughter for another visit to the UCSD Burn center today in hillcrest. The doctors looked at her wound and gave us the good news that she won't need to return anymore for evaluation because the wound is healing nicely and it's just about healed. What a relief that was for us. The other good news is that we recieved a letter from the health and human services today saying that we qualified based on our information submitted to the department for no liability towarsd the hospital stay for my daughter briannah. Yahooo! I was so relieved to hear the good news from my wife because we were worried we may be having to pay some fees for the time that my daughter was in the hospital at UCSD burn center. She stayed 5 days in the hospital and they took complete care of her. We don't have to pay a dime out of our pocket which is great news. And now my daughter is able to have both shoes on and walk. Yeahhhh.

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Pearl said...

hi michael! this is a good news indeed:-) happy for yah.