Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Put the wet stuff on the hot stuff!

Legoland has a show called "fun time" with a bunch of volunteer fire people. They perform various kinds of comedy acts with a stationary fire truck along with the usual fire equipment a fire man uses like a ladder, fire hose, buckets, mops, etc. They even have a dog that is part of the act. The dog is appropriately named "stationary" because the dog never moves. It's made from thousands of Lego blocks. If you decide to take the kids to Legoland, this is one show I really recommend you take the kids to see. One word of caution: If your sitting in the first five rows of seats, be prepared to get wet. I shot some video with my phone camera and in part of the video, you can see my hands interfere with the video because of an unexpected burst of water shooting from the fire hose towards me. Lots of fun for the whole family. I highly encourage you to see this show as there's lots of laughs.

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Karen and Gerard said...

I never heard of Legoland but sounds like a fun place to visit.