Friday, September 9, 2011

Massive power outage hits san diego

As most San Diegans were stuck in massive traffic congestion yesterday, my wife, kids and I were lucky enough to make it home just after the big power failure happened to start. We hit some traffic congestion but we also took a lot of side streets to avoid the traffic. I took the kids and wife to the south bay YMCA so they can get out of the heat and go swimming in the pool. It's a good thing that the "Y" had a closing time of 4:00pm because if it had been later, I'm sure we would have got stuck in major traffic. We didn't even know it was a power failure until we got close to imperial beach and that's when I tuned into AM 600 on the radio and found out that there was power failure from orange county all the way to Arizona to Baja California. We woke up last night late to find out that power had been restored. I filled up the pool when I got home to let the kids play in the pool to keep cool. Here's a picture of the wife playing with the kids in the pool.

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