Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day of fun at SeaWorld & Chuck E. Cheeses

I've been promising my wife and kids for over a month and a half that I would take them to Sea World and Chuck E. Cheeses on my day off but I've been putting in so much overtime that I've neglected to hold my promise to my family. Well, today I decided not to work overtime on my day off and spend some quality time with my family. I took them to Sea World And my son got to play with the snow in the snow world at Sea World. My son Ethan had a lot of fun and he started to complain about his hands being cold. My daughter Briannah on the other hand was reluctant to walk onto the snow but with a little help from daddy, She was able to explore but only for a little while. My son was making snow balls and snow castle. We went to the Sea lion show, the pets rule show with it's many dogs and kitty cats, and last the Shamu show. We ended the night by visiting our friend because she called to invite us over for dinner. It was perfect timing because we were so hungry. One night down, one more to go.

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