Friday, November 18, 2011

Deserving eyes

Lets face it, we all need to pamper ourselves once in awhile and we all deserve the best without having to bend over backwards to get it. Like a good pair of fashionable eye glasses. Whether it's sun glasses or prescription eye wear, it's a necessity of life and we all want to look good in our new eye wear but at what cost? Burning a hole in your wallet? No thanks. I'm on a budget. As a person who's been thru a pair too many of prescription eye glasses, I can tell you I got tired of blowing large amounts of money every year on my eye glasses. Hey, my eye's aren't getting any better and the cost of prescription glasses aren't getting any cheaper so I had to do something about it and find a place where I could buy some quality but cheap eyeglasses for less than what I've been spending for the past 10 or so years. I used to dread going to the optometrist every year for an eye exam because I knew the doctor was going to tell me I needed a stronger prescription but when someone told about this manufacturer called zenni optical, I checked them out and couldn't believe the selection of fashionable eye wear at a cost that won't break my wallet. I got a restriction on my drivers license that says I need to wear them and all the more because I have a commercial drivers license so I always need to have my eye glasses with me. Even my wife gets her prescription eye glasses from zenni because they are quality made without the ridiculous cost. And in this tight economy, everyone could use a break from high prices. Thanks zenni!

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