Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shopping is my wife’s weakness

Boy, am I glad that my wife is driving now. I go crazy when my wife asks me to take her to shopping because I know it takes forever for her to get done shopping. Usually, I’ll wait in the van with my children while she’s inside the store. She can’t seem to make up on her mind what and which clothes she’ll purchase. I patiently wait for her until she’s done because I will never win when I start argues with her about her shopping thing. Now that she can drive, she can go shopping alone without us bothering her.

I gave her money for shopping a few days ago and she bought some winter outfit for all of us. However, she bought a lot of kids outerwear clothing such as; winter hat, scarf, zip-front and hooded jackets, hooded vest and as well as boots. According to her, it was on sale. For the clothes that she purchased, it was indeed an excellent deal. That’s what I love about my wife, she is a wise buyer. She makes sure that she will save a lot of money from her purchased. She also uses some coupons and I don’t know where and how she got it from, but whatever it is, she’s smart.

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