Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another year comes and go's

Another year has come and gone and one thing my wife and I like to do is to take care of doing our taxes early before the mad rush comes along so it's out of the way and we can take care of some bills in the process. Already my financial commitments for this year feel lighter. This year we decided to purchase an annual membership to Disneyland since last year it was Sea world. If your planning to go to Disneyland more than 3 times this year I suggest you purchase the Southern California membership because you can go to Disneyland as many times as you want whereas if you buy the single membership, and go 3 times, you'll be wasting your money because you have to spend one hundred dollars each time you go. One of the things my wife wants to do this year is go back home to see her family. She will take our son and daughter and I will stay here because it is just too expensive to go. At least her parents will be able to see them as my children can talk now and are a little older. I'm excited for them to go to the Philippines. It will a good experience for them.

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