Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Trip to hollywood

Last week I was able to take 4 days off from work and take the wife and kids to Hollywood, CA and see some famous tourist places. We also visited Disneyland. We stayed at the Hollywood Hotel since we have been there before and were familiar with the location in relationship to were Hollywood blvd is. We visited the famous Beverly Hills parks with the sign. We also visited the greystone park. It's a historical park that was once a mansion for entertaining famous celebrities. We walked through downtown hollywood taking pictures of famous t.v. characters. My kids enjoyed the mickey mouse diner with all the toys for sale. We took the tour bus for 2 hours and seen many movie stars houses but most of them are hidden behind bushes and large trees. We had a great time but we wont be staying at the Hollywood inn again. We had problems with the tv reception and the bath tub draining and noises from people in the hotel room above us.

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