Friday, March 9, 2012

Paula Deen

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

My grandmother loves watching Paula Deen on the food network. She loves to cook southern food, so she likes to cook most of Paula Deen’s recipes. She says that she watches her show at the same time everyday and tries to write down all of her recipes. However, she said that sometimes she does not write fast enough and she does not get all of the ingredients written down. I told my grandmother that she should be able to look up all the recipes online. She said that she does not have the internet and she does not even know if she can get the internet at her house. I told her that she should Get Wild Blue internet. She asked me more about it and I helped her schedule it to be set up. After she had internet at her house, I showed her how to go to Paula Deen’s website, as well as a bunch of other websites where she could find recipes. Now, every week my grandmother calls me and tells me about the new recipe she is trying and how happy she is that she has the internet.

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