Friday, April 6, 2012

Fellowes 79Ci @ FellowesInc

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have a home based business that we've been doing for several years now and it's really helped to pay the bills. We have a dedicated area in our living room that we use to do our home based business work. It includes your typical office machines like your standard desktop computer, work desk with drawers filled with paper clips, stapler, sticky notes, correction fluid, pens and paper and the like, file cabinet, printer, copier and fax machine and a paper shredder. We try to keep our machines up to date because we depend on them every day for our business but the one thing we lag on is our paper shredder. At the end of every month we have to set aside time to shred old mail and any documents with important information on them and this really is the time I hate the most because it takes so long because it's always getting jammed. I scrimped when we bought our paper shredder opting out for a no-name brand shredder for $19.95 at one of those big discount stores. Big mistake! I've been telling my wife we really need to buy a better shredder because ours only cuts the paper in strips and I worry about one day someone may go into the trash bin and put the strips of paper together and find important information about us otherwise known as identity theft. I told my wife about this Fellowes 79Ci paper shredder. It's so cool because it has this 100% jam proof technology so no more delays with paper jams. Another thing I like is that it cuts the paper into 399 particles making it impossible for others to reveal important documents. Awesome! Our shredder was so noisy, it used to scare our son so he would cover his ears but with this advanced shredder with silent shred technology, now my son can even help us shred our documents now being in fear of the motor. Safety was another concern for us because our kids want to put there little fingers into the shredder even though we tell them not to but fellowe's 79Ci addresses that concern too with the SafeSense technology feature. A sensor automatically disables the shredder once little hands touch the paper opening making it safe for our children. This is a great shredder for our business and it will complement the rest of our machines. I'll tell my wife.

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