Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tragedy/disappointments on 4th of July

Last night I was coming home after work and listening to AM 600 radio when I heard they we're talking about a technical glitch that caused all the fireworks in the San Diego Bay to be launched all at once and the show lasted about 15 seconds before it was all over. I couldn't help but laugh all the way home thinking about all those poor people who had taken time off from work or whatever just to see those fireworks. And to think about the crowds of people and all those long lines of cars fighting to get home. No thanks. I'll just stay home. I don't need the hassle and besides, I can see fireworks any day I want by going to Disneyland. And today I read a story about 24 passengers on a boat that was ferried across the new york bay just to watch the fireworks and the boat capsized killing 3 children because of overcrowding. They rescued 24 people. So sad just to go see some fireworks. I feel sad for those families. Is it really worth it? Your comments are welcomed. Thanks.

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Stacie said...

I would have been disappointed. Luckily we didn't go where we normally go as they ended up canceling the fireworks because of rain. I would have been disappointed spending a day up north and then no fireworks and mad dashing to the car.