Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Homework-Family Project

My daughter is holding up my sons homework from school. My son came home from his second day of school yesterday and handed this to my wife and my wife showed me this. Inside the folded paper was a letter from the teacher. The title was: Homework- Family Project.

Dear parents,

This is a family project that needs to be completed and returned by Monday, August 6, 2012. The project consist of of creating a self-portrait of your child. The body needs to be cut out before you begin your assignment. You may use fabric, buttons, yarn, beans, foil paper, macaroni, newspaper, tissue, crayons, markers, or anything you like. Make sure that the self-portrait reflects your child's personality. Have fun and be creative.

I got to thinking, wow, what a great way to involve the whole family and have fun in the process. Since my son loves clam chowder soup with rice, I asked my wife if we could put some clam shells on the body but we got to thinking it might get a litttle too heavy. She suggested cheerios since he likes that in his oatmeal for breakfast. Great idea hon! And I was thinking maybe some super mario logos because he likes to play super mario. Hmmm? There are so many possibilities that could be mentioned but I'm out of ideas so if any one reading this has some helpful ideas, please give me your feedback. This will be fantastic for the kids and a great and simple way to get the whole family involved. After it's finished it can be posted on a wall or even your refrigerator as a decoration or just something to remember your little one by.


sir rob said...

At the moment I am becoming anxious as our son will be going to school next year and I just don't know what to expect when he is there already.

AFamilyMan said...
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Arlene said...

Teachers nowadays are more and more creative and yes homeworks like this enable parents to instill in the mind of the child "teamwork"

I wish I had chance like that when I was younger.

emzkie said...

this is really cool! i love projects like this where they let parents get involve. This would help motivate the kids to do more in school. =)