Friday, December 14, 2012

Light's up again

Why do I have to take care of the things that I am not supposed to and besides I’m not even paid to do these things by myself? Well, I’m talking about our apartment’s maintenance issues. We’ve been living in our apartment for nearly 7 years now and within those years replacement light bulbs had become my job and I had to spend my own money to replace those bulbs. It’s not that I am ranting about this matter because I wanted to get the job and fixing done as soon as possible since darkness had become issues at night because of those broken bulbs. I just wish the landlords would have the initiative to pay me for all the expenses I had for this complex without having to worry about bugging him about it. My wife and I can’t wait to move out of here and I don’t think it will be soon either since we have more priorities than moving out.

Ugh! We just got to deal with it for now. However, I am so glad that our light bulbs are working now and we don’t have to worry about tripping while walking up and down the stairs at night because we have lights working again.

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Melinda Dunne said...

I understand your frustration but it is worth it in the end for your families safety.