Friday, December 14, 2012

Nice and tidy garage area

Every Sunday for our field service meeting, our congregation meets up at our friends house. We gather together for our morning service meeting and have a short bible discourse before we head out to our territory for that day. We basically meet in our friend's garage area, although the space isn't that big but because of the garage organization systems that they have, we are able to have enough space for our chairs. I wish we had our own house with a huge garage area so I can turn it into a fitness and at the same time my wife's laundry mat area.  Of course with the help of the right garage organization like cabinets, shelves and other portable storage units to keep my tools and my wife's stuff safe and secured and it will also keep my garage area nice/neat and tidy. I love clutter free and spacious garage and who doesn’t anyway? When things in the house are in order and well organized, it’s calming, relaxing and soothing to our eyes and knowing that our home is clean and environment friendly it feels good inside.

I can only imagine having a nice house with a nice garage would be so inviting and pleasing not only for us but to the visitors as well. Anyway, this is just one of my dreams and hopefully we’ll be able to achieve it someday if not soon and in God’s time too.

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Suenvegas said...

This is a nice garage. Would be nice.